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MLB Trade Deadline: 20 Players Who May Move

As the MLB trade deadline approaches, MLB trade rumors and speculation around potential player
movements are heating up. Here’s a list of 20 players who might find themselves in new uniforms in the
coming weeks. We also look at MLB players to watch and why they are stars for the future.

1. Shohei Ohtani, Two-Way Player, Angels

Shohei Ohtani’s unparalleled combination of high-caliber pitching and hitting make him an extraordinary
asset. Despite the Angels’ hesitance to part with him, the potential return from eager teams might be
tempting. If a team with playoff certainty makes the right offer, the Angels could seriously consider it.

2. Lucas Giolito, RHP, White Sox

Giolito has established himself as one of the steadiest starters in baseball over recent seasons. His
compelling mixture of consistency and versatility could interest a range of teams, and his departure
might significantly boost another team’s chances of postseason glory.

3. Shane Bieber, RHP, Guardians

After a disappointing season, Bieber’s status took a hit. Nonetheless, his reputation as a former Cy
Young winner and exceptional strikeout ability could make him an attractive buy-low option for teams
willing to gamble on his rebound.

4. Eduardo Rodriguez, LHP, Tigers

While Rodriguez’s time in Detroit has been marred by indifferent results, he has previously proven to be
a highly capable starter. Teams looking to consolidate their postseason dreams might find Rodriguez’s
experience beneficial, raising the possibility of an MLB trade.

5. Dylan Cease, RHP, White Sox

Cease’s value lies not only in his current effectiveness, but also in his untapped potential. His emergence
as a solid, reliable starter and his continual improvement makes him an interesting prospect for other
teams, especially those aiming for a complete structural rebuild.

6. Tim Anderson, SS, White Sox

Anderson’s batting prowess throughout recent seasons and his notable performances in the field make
him a prime target. Teams in search for not just a great shortstop but also a productive hitter will likely
have Anderson on their radar.

7. Yasmani Grandal, C, White Sox

Grandal’s solid hitting, reliable defense, and excellent ability to handle a pitching staff make him a
desirable option for teams lacking a top-notch catcher. Even with signs of decline, his broad skill set
makes him an enticing MLB trade target.

8. Joc Pederson, DH/OF, Giants

Pederson is no stranger to performing under pressure. His timely offensive prodigies were a huge part of
the Cubs’ successful 2016 World Series run. Any team looking for a boost in their outfield or DH slots
could consider picking Pederson.

9. J.D. Davis, 3B, Giants

Davis has slowly but surely improved his contact rate at the plate and his defensive acumen. His
versatility, with the ability to field multiple positions, makes him a particularly valuable prospect for
teams keen on enhancing their infield options.

10. Alex Cobb, RHP, Giants

Cobb’s reliable mound presence, especially in his ability to induce ground balls, could prove valuable for
teams seeking to shore up their rotation. Despite his age, Cobb’s experienced and solid pitching makes
him a desirable target.

11. AJ Pollock, OF, Dodgers

Pollock’s exceptional performance as an offensive outfielder is undoubtedly an attractive asset. His
decent batting average and defensive skills could be the additional firepower sought by teams intending
to go deep in the postseason.

12. Tony Gonsolin, RHP, Dodgers

Gonsolin, despite experiencing a roller coaster of a season, still holds a high ceiling. Teams looking for a
high-reward-low-risk prospect could find him an interesting MLB trade option, particularly if packaged in a
deal with additional players.

13. Matt Duffy, 3B/2B, Cubs


Duffy’s flexibility on the field is one of his main selling points. His capability to perform at multiple infield
positions whilst keeping consistent with his bat makes Duffy an appealing choice for a team in need of
strengthening its infield.

14. Matthew Boyd, LHP, Tigers

Matthew Boyd brings something different to the mix with his left-handed pitching. For teams seeking a
bit of diversity in their pitcher roster, Boyd could be a great fit, especially due to his history of high
strikeout rates.

15. Charlie Morton, RHP, Braves

Morton, with his wealth of experience and proven track record in critical situations, can be a reassuring
presence for a team with a young and inexperienced rotation. His ability to deliver in high-stakes games
makes him a likely trade target.

16. Mychal Givens, RHP, Reds

Givens is known for his knack for getting those crucial last outs. His relieving role could certainly benefit
a contender looking for a solid performer to close out games, making him a highly plausible trade

17. Tyler Anderson, LHP, Pirates

Anderson is a workhorse starting pitcher, offering much-needed reliability and consistency. The
possibility of him being traded to a team needing a steady hand in their rotation is quite high, and he
could offer great returns.

18. Josh Harrison, 2B/3B/OF, Athletics


Harrison is having an impressive offensive season, and his versatility in the field further strengthens his
trade value. Teams searching for a utility player with a solid bat might do well to consider Harrison.

19. Joe Jimenez, RHP, Tigers

Jimenez offers great potential as a reliever, demonstrating the ability to deliver when called upon. His
skills and potential for growth could be a great addition for any team pushing for success in the playoffs.

20. Robbie Ray, LHP, Blue Jays

Upon rediscovering his form, Ray’s recent performances have been impressive. His left-handed pitching
could invoke interest from teams aiming to add depth to their pitching rotation. A good trade deal could
turn fortunes for both Ray and his new team.
As the MLB trade deadline approaches, these 20 players are just a sample of the talents potentially on
the move. With the right negotiations and deals, the acquisition of these impact players, key players,
sleepers, and lowkey options could significantly shift the dynamic of various teams, paving the way for
success in the latter part of the season and the playoffs.

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