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Post Deadline – Who’s next? [5] MLB Players Who Could Still Move this Winter

Although the MLB trade deadline has passed, fans still hope to see their favorite players as potential trade candidates. Explore the latest MLB trade rumors. The trade deadline ended on 1 August 2023, with over 50 trades happening in the week preceding it.

However, there have been two other trades post-deadline, and this may not only be the end of it. Let’s further discuss some players that could be candidates for post deadline deals this season, according to the latest MLB trade rumors.

How Do Post-deadline Deals Work?

Before we shed light on the potential candidates for post-deadline trades this MLB season, it is important to discuss how post-deadline trades work. Since the league cannot deny teams the right to add new players, it must allow them to acquire new players even after the deadline. Below are two common ways teams can acquire new players after the MLB deadline:


Waivers are a common way for teams to claim members post-deadline. However, the rules surrounding them have changed. The old MLB waiver system allowed teams to pull their player back and keep them even if they got claimed. However, the revised rules suggest that waivers are not revocable. Therefore, if a player gets claimed by another team, the previous team cannot keep them.


The old post-deadline trade system was replaced by new rules in 2019. Under the revised rules, teams could still trade top-tier MLB players even after the trade deadline had passed. However, the revised rules make it possible for only a few players to be eligible for the post-deadline trades. Below are some scenarios that make players eligible for trades post-deadline:

  • Not being on the MLB injured list in the current season
  • Being signed to a minor-league contract
  • Not being a 40-man roster in the current season

5 MLB Players Who Could Still Move this winter

Below are a few MLB players who are the likely candidates for post deadline deals this MLB season, according to MLB trade rumors.

1. Shohei Ohtani

For months, Shohei Ohtani has been a common name in the MLB trade rumors. The baseball star plays for the Los Angeles Angels and has become a captivating figure in baseball. Ohtani’s remarkable achievements include:

  • Two MLB Rookie of the Year Awards
  • Edgar Martinez Award (Outstanding DH of the Year)
  • One World Baseball Classic Most Valuable Player Award
  • The Silver Slugger Award

The baseball player’s achievements are a testament to his skills, dedication, and hard work, making him the top candidate for post-deadline deals.

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2. Lucas Giolito

Although Lucas Giolito was not at his best performance this season, he is still a likely candidate for post-deadline trades. His determination and commitment to improving his game were evident in his ability to demonstrate a strong 2.66 ERA in a few games. Giolito also showed his dominance against powerful opponents like the Tampa Bay Rays. Furthermore, he shut down the Minnesota Twins, famous for their powerful hitting, showcasing his ability to perform well against top-tier players.

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3. Tim Anderson

Tim Anderson has managed to impress MLB fans in the past four seasons with a remarkable batting average of .300. However, the current season has not been good in terms of performance for the baseball player. Although this temporary setback has impacted his potential candidacy in the post-deadline trades this season, experts still believe he will be seen wearing new colors this MLB season.

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4. Marcus Stroman

Since May, there have been rumors about a contract extension for Marcus Stroman. The baseball players’ desire to create a lasting relationship with the Chicago Cubs sparked these rumors. However, since the Cubs have not yet made this contract extension official, the powerful baseball player remains a prominent candidate in post-deadline trades. Stroman’s recent performance securing a one-hit shutoff against the Rays further boosted his candidacy for the post-deadline trade prospects.

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5. Elias Díaz

Elias Diaz fits well among top-tier players due to his remarkable 2.1 wins. The baseball players secured 18 home runs in 106 games in 2021. Although Diaz’s batting average has been slightly low in the last few years, his dedication to improving his performance has been evident this season. Considering Diaz’s skill set, he is an attractive player for teams looking to add a strong player to their roster.

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Top Players Who Did Not Make the List

Below are some top players who did not make it to our list of potential post deadline MLB trade candidates.

Kris Bryant

Kris Bryant is among the top names that make rounds among MLB fans every MLB season. However, Bryant could not make it to the list of potential post deadline MLB trade candidates this year. Unfortunately, the baseball player was placed on the injured list at the beginning of the year.

Nevertheless, Bryant is expected to make a comeback next year thanks to his distinctive defensive skills and remarkable offensive capabilities. Bryant is a National League MVP holder with a strong track record of succeeding on the field. These qualities combined make him an appealing prospect for teams next year that might be hoping to get off to a solid start in the MLB landscape.

Eduardo Rodriguez

Although Rodriguez has shown exceptional performance time on time, he did not make it to the list of potential post-deadline MLB trade candidates due to a ruptured pulley. The baseball star ruptured a pulley on his left hand’s index finger, which will likely keep him off the field this season.

Final Verdict – MLB Players Who Could Still Move this winter

Players like Shohei Ohtani, Lucas Giolito, Tim Anderson, Marcus Stroman, and Elias Díaz are potential candidates for post-deadline deals. However, the MLB landscape’s highly predictable nature makes it difficult to predict what will happen in the next few days.

If you wish to keep an eye on your favorite MLB players to watch if they make it to the post-deadline trades, follow Blacksports Digest for regular updates.

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