2023 NBA Mock Draft: Latest Updates

With the 2023 NBA mock draft in full swing, NBA fans across the world have been keeping a close eye on the recent developments in the hopes of seeing their favorite players picked for the upcoming NBA season. The last few days have brought major changes to the mock draft landscape, leaving fans eager to learn about the latest NBA trade rumors and facts. Let’s put some of these rumors to rest and discuss the 2023 NBA Mock Drafts’ latest updates.

Latest Updates on the 2023 NBA Mock Draft

Below is the list of the latest updates on the NBA trade rumors surrounding the 2023 NBA Mock Draft:

Victor Wembanyama is Playing for the San Antonio Spurs

The San Antonio Spurs have finally picked Victor Wembanyama as their number one overall pick in the 2023 NBA mock draft. Victor Wembanyama is regarded as among the best NBA players in the 2023 NBA draft. The fact that Wembanyama is often regarded as the best NBA player since LeBron James attests to his level of talent. The young NBA player’s athleticism is sometimes compared to Kevin Durant. Wembanyama is following in the footsteps of Durant and LeBron, who have a track record of becoming some of the best NBA players and thriving in NBA drafts. The 7-foot-5 player is a 19-year-old French man expected to make history.

Brandon Miller Outperforming Scott Henderson

Scott Henderson fans were left disappointed as Brandon Miller unexpectedly scored the position of the second pick by the Hornets. When the drafts began, analysts expected that Charlotte Hornets would select Scott Anderson second overall. Miller’s selection for this role turned heads and emphasized his abilities to compete with Wembanyama in future games.

On the other hand, Scott Henderson was chosen as the third pick by Rip City (The Portland Trail Blazers). Henderson had collaborated with Stephen Curry ahead of the games to improve his weaknesses. However, his efforts were not enough to impress the Hornets. The decision of the Hornets to go with Miller over Henderson has sparked a debate among NBA fans as they believe Henderson to be more deserving of the position.


The Thompson Twins Steal the Show Once Again

The Thompson Twins, Ausar, and Amen Thompson, have made NBA draft history by becoming the second set of brothers to be drafted in the top 10. This was also a nostalgic moment for Ball Brother fans. The Ball brothers became the first brothers in NBA draft history to be selected among the first three picks. Amen Thompson is the fourth pick for the Houston Rockets. On the other hand, Ausar Thompson is expected to be selected in the top five by the Detroit Pistons.

Although this is great news for the Thompson brothers, they are up for a challenge. Both twins are regarded to be poor jump shooters. This makes it vital for them to join a team that wants them to have control over the ball. Unfortunately, this was not the case. Amen has been picked by the Houston Rockets. However, the Rockets already have two guard players, Porter and Green. On the other hand, Ausar will join the Pistons, who already have two first-draft choices in the backcourt: Jaden Ivy and Cade Cunningham.

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Keeping Up with the Latest NBA Mock Draft Updates

Overall, the 2023 Mock Draft has brought about jaw-dropping NBA trade rumors for NBA fans. With the Thompson Twins securing a position in the top 10 and Brandon Miller outperforming Scott Henderson, fans can expect an interesting NBA season ahead.