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Breaking Down the Latest NBA Trade Rumors: Who’s on the Move?

The NBA trade season is officially underway as the Washington Wizards and Phoenix Suns made the first trade. Chris Paul’s Pheonix career came to an end as he was traded for Bradley Beal, who will now join the likes of Devin Booker and Kevin Durant to play for the Suns. Several other teams are on the prowl, looking to snag the big names to strengthen their ranks, fanning the already building NBA trade rumors.

Before these rumors get out of control, let’s explore the fate of our favorite NBA stars and their possible trade to new teams!

NBA Trade Rumors – Who’s Getting Traded?

Here’s a list of NBA stars who might get traded based on the latest sports news and updates:

Jaylen Brown

After Brown publically hinted that he could leave The Celtics, it’s highly likely that he might be traded. He now has a qualified super-max extension for five years and $295 million. If Boston does not commit to keeping him, it’s time for Brown to move to a new home, especially now that his value is rising as the new deal kicks in.

Zion Williamson

While Williamson might be the face of the Pelicans, New Orleans might trade him in favor of Scoot Henderson. After all, owing to his injuries, Williamson has only featured in 114 games across four seasons. If the Pelicans show faith in the rest of their team, they just might let go of their superstar.

Trae Young

Thanks to a strong playoff series, NBA trade rumors about Young’s possible move have cooled down considerably. However, the Hawks might just lose their patience and let go of their defender in favor of someone better suited for the position.

DeMar DeRozan

DeRozan isn’t getting any younger. The 34-year-old is on an expiring contract, and the Bulls aren’t known for being extravagant spenders. If they fear his next contract might be too pricey for them, they just might look to trade him.

Mikal Bridges

Bridges is a much-coveted star, as Memphis apparently presented Brooklyn with four first-round picks for him. Owing to the breakout second half of the season, the Nets can get a far better deal for Bridges now. However, they haven’t indicated their plans for him yet. However, if they decide to rebuild their team, they might just trade him for a fresh start.

Chris Paul

As a fading star, Paul might just find himself in another trading deal as the Wizards look to send him elsewhere. The Clippers are at the top of the list of contenders who might trade for him, as they have many expiring contracts.

Jordan Poole

The Golden State Warriors’ financial woes aren’t exactly a well-kept secret. They’re on the brink of running a half-billion-dollar payroll next season, which is unacceptable. As such, They might look to let go of one of their five core players. With the disappointing follow-up season that Poole had, he is the likeliest to get the axe.

Deandre Ayton

The Suns didn’t hide the fact that they were looking to trade Ayton even before their Beal deal. Now that they need more depth in their team, they could trade Ayton for two or three playable role players to strengthen their side.

Draymond Greene

Greene is the Golden State Warrior’s most volatile player with a huge salary. After starting the season by punching his teammate and stomping on Sabonis, he might be looking to find a new team via a sign-and-trade, especially now that he has opted out of his final contract year.

The possible fates of the aforementioned NBA stars hang in the balance. However, based on NBA trade rumors, many others might find themselves on the chopping block. At this time, it’s just a waiting game as teams regroup and rebuild for the coming season.

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