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5 Bold NBA Drafting Predictions for 2023

The NBA Draft is an annual event shaping professional basketball’s future. Each year, teams have the opportunity to select promising young talent to join their rosters. With every draft comes anticipation and speculation about which players will be chosen and how their careers will unfold.

With the NBA draft for 2023 already here, there are speculations about what will happen during the first pick. The NBA draft prospects for the upcoming season are bound to be full of game-changing decisions and surprises. Therefore, everyone is excited!

With so many NBA trade rumors, many predictions are being made. Let’s dive into the top five bold NBA drafting predictions for 2023:

  • Hornets Eyeing Miller 

Brandon Miller has been in amazing form this season. With great length and outstanding strategy, the 2023 NBA season looks good for this player. While this prediction might not seem as bold as others, however, anything can happen with the odds shifting so rapidly.

Many teams are hoping to bag Miller, particularly Hornets but LaMelo Ball is also on the lookout for key players. While for Hornets, Scoot Henderson is also on the table. There is a higher possibility that they will select Miller.

LaMelo Ball could go with Henderson due to the team size, allowing him to play his best, but the team might find Miller to be a better option. Miller has been outstanding in shooting percentages from the line and deep. This has made him a valuable asset for any team.

  • Portland May trade Scoot Henderson 

Trades have a major impact on players and teams in the NBA [Link to article, “Trade Talks: The Impact Trades Have on Teams and Players in the NBA”], and this season trades are unlike any other. Trading Henderson might not be the best decision for Portland, and they would be better off trading Damian Lillard. However, this is exactly what might happen.

Portland might go with Paul George and Zion Williamson or make a completely unpredictable pick. Since they earned the number three pick in the draft lottery, much speculation about the Portland team has been made. Many believe that taking Henderson would be a better opportunity for them.

However, the team also has the option to include some other outstanding playmakers while keeping Lillard to create an incredible team. Let’s see how things unfold for the team. 

  • Time Up for Zion in the Pelicans

While many Black players are dominating NBA [Link to article, “Dominance on the Court: Black Excellence in the NBA”], it has not been the case for everyone. While Zion Williamson had been struggling, there was still hope. However, things seem to be rapidly changing for him, and his time might be up with the Pelicans.

We have witnessed the poor communication between the Pelicans and Zion for months now. Aside from his involvement in some drama out of court, Zion’s lack of presence on the court and attitude has become a problem for the Pelicans.

His stocks are at a major low, but that doesn’t mean he might not be useful for other teams. Therefore, there are chances other teams will give Zion an opportunity to play for them. Hornets, Blazers, or Thunder are on the lookout for a potential player to be included in their team. These teams also have the resources and assets for the Pelicans to trade for Zion.

  • The Over-Drafting of Anthony Black a Possibility 

One of the most exciting NBA draft prospects for the upcoming season is the possibility of Anthony Black being over-drafted. He is being projected to be among the top ten picks this season because of his outstanding passes, as well as his great athleticism and size.

While Black wasn’t included in the NBA drafts a year ago, he has proven to be a fast riser. Last season, this 19-year-old led his college basketball team to the NCAA tournament, which changed the game for him. There is a possibility of Utah trying to trade Black.

Among the top players that have been declared for the draft, Black is among the top locks projected to be taken during the first round. What’s surprising is that he was seen as a late pick but has been selected as number six in the overall NBA draft for 2023. A significant move up for him. Let’s see who grabs him for their team.

  • Bulls Might Make an All-Star Trade

Chicago Bulls had faith in Arturas Karnisovas to take them to the NBA championship. However, Karnisovas has not been able to pull through for them. Even Lonzo Ball doesn’t seem to be working for them. Therefore, the amazing star team Bulls had pulled together a few years ago isn’t looking promising anymore.

It is time for them to move on, and there is about to be a major trade coming. However, Chicago Bulls no longer have the first-round pick due to the previously made trades. Still, the trade will be a chance for the Bulls to regain the assets they lost.

Gear Up for an Exciting NBA Season Ahead! 

The NBA Draft is an exciting time for the fans, filled with anticipation and speculation about the future of the league. These NBA draft prospects for the upcoming season predictions might be bold, but this season has already been highly unpredictable.

This is just getting exciting. Who will be traded out, and who will move up? Will these predictions come true? Stay tuned for more fascinating NBA updates.

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