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The Latest in US Sports: What to Expect in the National Football League

The 2023 National Football League kicks off in Kansas City on September 7. As each team gears up to play a regular season and preseason games, here are all the hot updates and other sports news you must look out for in the 2023 NFL.

The 2023 NFL Kick-Off – Sports News

The schedule features 5 international regular season games. Three games will be held in the UK and two in Germany – the first games to be hosted in Frankfurt. The international slate will feature the games in 3 consecutive weeks. The Jaguars will be the first NFL team to play two regular-season games outside the USA.


Further Sports Updates

Twenty-three games are Super Bowl rematches, and 14 games are 2022 playoffs rematches. Patrick Mahomes and Aaron Rodgers, the winners of the recent Most Valuable Player award, will face off for the first time in their careers. Furthermore, the two top picks of the 2023 NFL Draft, C.J. Stroud, and Bryce Young, will meet in Week 8, marking the fifth game in the history of the NFL between rookie starting quarterbacks with first and second-overall NFL Draft picks.

NFL will use flexible scheduling this season as well to ensure that games are available for viewing by a large number of fans. For the final weekend of the season, the scheduling is not assigned. The dates, start times, and networks will be announced when week 17 concludes.

Garrett Wilson Grabbing Opportunities to Learn Left and Right

Garrett Wilson has tremendous potential to outshine this season, with Aaron Rodgers as his quarterback. Wilson had plenty of time to soak in training with Rodgers during the offseason activities. He has picked up valuable bits of information to learn offense with their newest leader.

We can’t wait to see Wilson all confident and taking off to new heights in the 2023 NFL games.


OL Tyler Smith Is Feeling “Comfortable” Heading Into the Second Season

Starting off all 17 games in his rookie season, Tyler Smith is an offensive lineman we all have our eyes on. Smith feels comfortable heading into the second season with the Cowboys, as he understands the level of expectation and has acclimated to the season before. The 22-year-old has grown past his nervous phase and is now ready to face the other teams in the 2023 season, leading the Cowboys to win the Super Bowl in 2023.

Marcedes Lewis “Just Wants to Compete”

Marcedes Lewis has the record of spending more time in the NFL than any other player. But it’s not the end of the road for Lewis. This year, he is looking for an opportunity to revive and present his potential once again, as his agent is in talks with a couple of teams. Marcedes Lewis believes that he is the best “blocking tight end” out there.

Darren Waller Is “Excited” About His Surprise Move to New York

Darren Waller is turning the pages in his NFL career as he is traded this offseason to Big Blue. Waller wasn’t anticipating this big move. But he is still grateful for the time he spent with the Raiders.


Derek Stingley Jr. Has Some Expectations to Meet

He was drafted No.3 in the 2022 NFL Draft. The selection came brought on pressure to perform according to the high expectations placed upon him. However, he gave a good performance in response to those expectations. Now we are hoping that the 2023 NFL season will bring more impactful defensive contributions by Stingley.

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