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Pound-for-Pound King: Terence Crawford Ready for Jermell Charlo After Knocking Out Errol Spence

Pound-for-Pound King: Terence Crawford Ready for Jermell Charlo After Knocking Out Errol Spence

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After a sensational performance on Saturday night between boxing’s top black athletes, Terence Crawford knocked out rival Errol Spence Jr. Now the undisputed WBC, WBA, WBO, and IBF welterweight champion of the world, Nebraska native Crawford, is looking to meet Jermell Charlo to get in the ring. Let’s take a closer look at the rivalry, relive the highlights of Saturday night’s beatdown and explore what’s next for Crawford.

Crawford vs. Spence

In the past few years, 35-year-old Terence Crawford and 33-year-old Errol Spence Jr have proven themselves to be at the top of their divisions. So, you would think it is only logical for the two to go against each other.

Instagram post 1: Terence Crawford

Alas, with the evolution of boxing to include multiple promoters and contracts, the two have been kept apart. Spence is signed to the Premier Boxing Champions and won his titles by defeating other PBC fighters, including Kelly Brook (2017), Mikey Garcia (2019), and Yordenis Ugás (2022).

As for Crawford, he has spent most of his career with Top Rank, winning and defending his championship in its events.

Instagram post 2: Errol Spence Jr
Instagram Post 3: Crawford vs. Spencer

Given the boxers’ merit, this highly anticipated Las Vegas match between two of the top black athletes in boxing was speculated to be a thriller. Anyone doubting this fight’s importance just needed to look at the T-Mobile Arena. With a 20,000-person capacity, it was packed by the time the fighters entered the ring.

Of course, let’s not forget the celebrities in attendance. Fans got an eye-full – from boxing legends Floyd Mayweather Jr. and Mike Tyson to hip-hop stars Eminem, Cardi B, and Offset.

First Knockdown

No one could have predicted how things would go as it started with Spence pressing forward with a stiff right jab, which forced Crawford to circle the perimeter. However, by Round 2, spectators got their first taste of Crawford’s power. After a quick exchange of powerful punches, ending with a right jab from Crawford, Spence was knocked off-balance onto the canvas.

This knockdown was the first time he’d been dropped in his professional career, but Spence quickly recovered, opening the next round offensively. He wanted to prove the knockdown was nothing more than an inconsequential moment.

Yet, as the fight wore on, it turned out Crawford was unstoppable. Despite his resilience, Spence was no match for his incredible timing and superior one-punch capacity. Try as he might, Spence could not get behind his punches.

Second and Third Knockdowns

In Round 7, Crawford skillfully evaded a looping left from Spence while sending a sharp right hook, flooring Spence for a second time. Then just before the bell, he fired a double right hook, dropping Spence again! After a burst of solid punches in Round 9, the referee had to stop the fight.

Instagram post 4: Crawford Knocks down Errol

Ultimately, Crawford dominated beyond expectations, delivering a one-sided punishing beatdown. Post-fight, during a press conference with three new belts, Crawford went for his critics who doubted his power as one of boxing’s top black athletes, saying:

“For all you guys that doubted me. For all you guys who said I was too small. I was actually too strong. And now everybody gets to witness greatness, like I said before. It’s the Terence Crawford era.”

What’s Next for Crawford?

Crawford entered the ring as the World Boxing Organization champion, and, after dropping Spence, left it as International Boxing Federation, World Boxing Association, and World Boxing Council champion.

Now 40 – 0, with an impressive 31 knockouts, Crawford is the first undisputed welterweight champion since 2007 and the first in the welterweight division to hold all four titles simultaneously. 

So, what’s next?

Instagram post: Crawford with his belts

Another Crawford vs. Spence Fight?

Well, another Crawford-Spence fight could happen, as a contract clause lets the loser call for a rematch. Before the fight, Spence, now 28 – 1, hinted that Saturday would be his last fight in the 147 class. Even though he was heard saying he was up for another match, it’s unlikely. Saturday’s wasn’t even close, and PBC will probably dissuade him from using the clause.

Crawford vs. Charlo?

Crawford has his sights on a new contender Jermell Charlo, another one of boxing’s top black athletes. Fresh out of the ring, he said he was ready for the current undisputed light middleweight champion. After the fight, Crawford even leaned over the ropes to tell Charlo, sitting ringside, “You’re next.”

Instagram post: Crawford to Charlo

A Crawford – Charlo fight could mean a massive payday for both fighters, but it will have to wait. Charlo is currently fixed on his next match against Canelo Álvarez at super middleweight. But after that, Crawford may get his chance and be on track to make history.

If Crawford beats Charlo at 154, he becomes the undisputed champion in three different weight classes, establishing himself as one of the top black athletes in the world. Now that is quite the accolade.

Ennis or Tszyu

If he doesn’t meet Charlo in the ring, Crawford still has several options. He could stay at 147 and fight Jaron Ennis, undefeated at 31 – 0 with 28 knockouts, or move up anyway and go against Tim Tszyu, undefeated at 23 – 0 with 17 knockouts. Still riding high on his current win, we are sure the sky feels like the limit for Crawford, and we can’t wait to see what he does.   

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