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Shifting Paradigms: How the Business of Boxing Is Evolving

Boxing is a centuries-old sport, and the evolution of boxing is extraordinary. It evolved from bare-knuckle brawls into a multi-billion dollar industry we cannot get enough of. However, this is understandable. Boxing requires little to no investment to drive maximum revenues. But the evolution of boxing is taking us down uncharted but profitable paths.

The sport produced some of the best athletes in sporting history. It also launched a series of bestselling books, movies, and documentaries that spawned more. However, the complex economics and politics behind the sport shape how fights turn out and how much boxing legends and new boxers earn per bout.

But like any business, the boxing business is evolving and changing rapidly as artificial intelligence (AI) and influencers enter the picture. Let’s see how.

The Impact of AI on the Boxing Business

AI is spearheading the evolution of boxing and the business in general. The technology’s influence on various industries has grown in leaps and bounds over the last few years. It has entered the boxing ring as well. Industry bigwigs are using technology to transform how boxers perform and train in and out of the ring.

From evaluating performance data to creating custom training programs for maximum efficiency, AI is revolutionizing the sport. It is also helping boxers realize their potential and detect training gaps so they can advance in their careers faster.

Collecting and Evaluating Data

AI stands out in the boxing industry because of its ability to collect and evaluate massive amounts of data in real-time and in seconds. Boxing coaches and trainers can get information on an athlete’s performance and health almost immediately. Wearable smart devices wire them into their protégés during training and fights.

After evaluating this comprehensive data, AI can determine patterns and trends that trainers can use to improve a boxer’s performance. For example, if a boxer habitually drops their guard during a combo, the coach can detect it early via AI and adjust training strategies accordingly.

Additionally, AI can also help trainers determine if boxers are pushing themselves too much. Injuries and fatigue can take an athlete out for the whole season leading to massive revenue loss. AI can aid trainers to nip these issues in the bud. The numbers aid them in making informed decisions on when they can push their boxers and when they should recover.

Creates Custom Training Programs and Increases Winning Streaks

Besides collecting training and performance data, AI can be used to create personalized training programs. By evaluating their performance in the ring, it can personalize a training program that focuses on problem areas.

The customized training allows athletes to reach and exceed their potential. Additionally, AI can also be used to exploit weaknesses in opponents giving boxers a competitive edge. The result is well-rested athletes at the top of their game who win more fights than they lose, leading to more revenue.

Influencers in the Ring

In 2017, YouTubers Theo Baker and Joe Weller filmed themselves having a boxing match against each other and uploaded the video on their channel. The video has garnered over 7 million views and is the origin of influencer boxing.

While they aren’t boxing legends, the YouTubers sparked a revolution that replaced Pay Per View boxing in terms of revenue. The video sparked a challenge from another YouTuber and musician, JJ Olatunji (KSI), against the winner, Joe Weller. That was the first influencer boxing event ever formed.

The fight was promoted to millions of fans via social media. While unconventional, social media advertising was highly effective. The 2018 event sold almost 7,000 tickets and had over 20 million views on YouTube within 12 hours.

Needless to say, influencer boxing was highly successful. The event ended with KSI (the winner) challenging ultra-famous influencers Jake and Logan Paul. Sports news and sports updates cover influencer boxing as much as professional boxing.

Explore the Evolution of Boxing and Boxing Legends

AI and influencers have taken over the boxing industry because it is good business. Both generate more profit in a few hours than traditional boxing matches. This is good news for aspiring athletes. However, it can be off-putting to veteran boxing legends.

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