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The State of US Soccer and Why the Problem Is Deep

The US soccer team couldn’t qualify for the 2018 World Cup, marking the first time it crushed the expectations of the fans since 1986. The team bounced back in 2022 with some rising stars in US sports, like Cade Cowell and Gabriel Slonina. The 2026 World Cup hosts now gear up for an excellent performance on the field. But there are still some lingering issues that remain to deform the state of US Soccer. Let’s look at some highlights of the sports news and updates.

Sports News and Updates: What Changed Since 2017?

The World Cup debacle had a ripple effect on the whole of the US Soccer world. New standards in youth soccer were implemented, known as Player Development Initiatives. A lack of youth player talent within the senior USMNT squad was resolved, and several key players are now playing with the top five soccer leagues in Europe.

The Deep-Rooted Problems

The most noticeable problem with the US Soccer Federation was highlighted when the women’s national soccer team demanded that they weren’t being paid enough. This drew attention to other ongoing concerns within the US Soccer Federation that USMNT supporters and fans want to be resolved.

Overlooking Talent in College Recruiting

The soccer fan base wants NCAA Division I teams to stop overlooking the talented players. Players who cannot afford the elite club fees and travel schedules, or live far away from a Development Academy club, are the ones most ignored.


Lack of Transparency

The US men’s soccer team recently announced the rehiring of Gregg Berhalter as the head coach. This decision makes a lot of critics wonder if Gregg was the right choice for the USMNT. The whole ordeal sheds light on the lack of transparency within the system. What seals the deal is that the person who was in charge of the hiring process was Berhalter’s brother. This makes one wonder if the USMNT overlooked the other candidate, Oscar Pareja.

The Difference in Players’ Development as Compared to European Clubs

Player development in the United States is different from clubs In Europe, such as Sporting Clube de Portugal and FC Barcelona. Kylian Mbappe, Jude Bellingham, and Gavi are all exceptional players that debuted at ages 16 to 17.

However, there is still no update from MLS president Donald Garber to provide the youth with essential time to play at a senior club level.


Many rising stars in US sports in the USL are waiting to showcase their exceptional skills on a bigger stage. A lot of players in such clubs are working hard to shape their careers. However, the USSF hardly pays attention to the growth of the USL. This is why the hidden talent of the USL is extensively overlooked and ignored.

The Dual Nationals

The battle of dual nationality is an interesting topic in the US Soccer world. Carlos Bocanegra, Omar Alejandro Gonzalez, Herculez Gomez, and other big names have represented American soccer throughout history. At present times, there is a huge list of dual nationals that wait to be given a chance to represent USMNT.

However, the USSF still continues to ignore the dual nationals from Central America and Mexico. This is a decision they will come back to regret one day.

The Mainstream Media

The media is not doing an excellent job of reporting the men’s national team. Instead of pressing important questions, the press reporters continued to present softball questions to Berhalter in the pre and post-match press conferences.

The US Soccer critics want the journalists and press to opt for more accountability and to seek the truth no matter what.

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