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Messi and the American Dream: What His Move Means for US Soccer Ambitions

Messi and the American Dream: What His Move Means for US Soccer Ambitions

Soccer transfer rumors

If there is one human who can change the future of US Soccer, it is Lionel Messi. On July 15, 2023, the world of European football witnessed the most shocking soccer transfer rumors.

Messi broke every record there was to break in European football and then moved to America. It’s a historic moment for the US Soccer, having the best player of all time by its side.

By now, every fan of US Soccer has concluded that there is a lack of competition within the professional league. Without a kick, there was no chance that soccer in America would take off.

What’s more? A massive wage gap between women and men, discrimination against particular players, conflicts of interest among members of the board, and a lack of transparency.

All these factors are the reasons behind major issues in American soccer.

A History of Messi and Paris Saint-Germain

Soccer transfer rumors

The transfer to Miami has opened a new chapter in Messi’s career. Moving for the first time outside of Europe, he took a leap of faith by choosing to play for Major League Soccer.

If we rewind a bit, we can see that Messi spent two years of great failure at Paris Saint-Germain. After a dramatic drop in his performance post-Qatar victory, Rennes handed over a shocking defeat to Messi in Ligue 1. And the Parisians were not happy.

The fans booed “La Pulga,” which is considered disrespectful by some and a supporter’s right by others.

But the ongoing tension between Messi and his PSG fans was long simmering. With his sharp decline in performance in comparison to the first half of the season, fans speculated that Messi was not giving it his all.

The on-and-off traction was fueled by some shocking soccer transfer rumors. Messi wasn’t going to stay in PSG for the next season.

Messi also kept everyone on the edge of their seat by trifling with the former team Barcelona, with the city rival of Ronaldo’s Al-Nassr, the Al-Hilal club, and the MLS Inter Miami side.

Meanwhile, the performance of PSG was at stake. The upcoming sports events didn’t bring good news as well. They lost 3 out of their four last games, with the last game being the final nail in the coffin.

Messi lost his final game for PSG against Clermont on June 3, 2023.

Can Messi Rescue MLS?

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Lionel Messi joining the MLS franchise Inter Miami fulfilled the long-desired American dream. The transfer news instantly caught fire and made everyone wonder “if this move will save US soccer.”

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Messi crushed all doubts by delivering a game-winning free kick in his Inter Miami CF debut against Cruz Azul.

The crowd was hungry for some action, and Messi delivered it.

He pounced once again on Atlanta United and showed what one right player can do for an entire team.

Inter Miami recorded the first 3-0 lead in the history of the soccer club, and that too by halftime. Inter Miami won by 4-0, and Messi made his exit along with the roar of the crowd cheering for him.

The two former Barcelona teammates made a tremendous impact on the club, sweeping Inter Miami off its feet and taking it to the round of 32 in the Leagues Cup.

Lionel Messi Came to Miami's Rescue. But What Does it Mean for His Own Career?

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The performance of Messi and the impact he makes on his team will be analyzed for a long period of time. However, the immediate effect he made on the pitch was visible right away.

It is up to Inter Miami to get the best out of this world-class player. They already had a weak identity in terms of attack. And, after losing 10 out of 15 games in the Eastern Conference, they also sacked Phil Neville.

Inter Miami is already taking the right steps and returning to MLS with a strong setting. On June 29, 2023, the club announced Gerardo’ Tata’ Martino as their coach, reuniting him with Lionel Messi.

Until now, Lionel Messi has shown no resistance to adaptation with his new club. His immediate impact on the team has a tactical and psychological impact. He takes the ball and makes history with it. He is elevating the performance of other players around him.

So long as Messi’s commitment and excitement are there, they can be an inspiring presence for everyone in the club. His reunion with Gerardo Martino, the Argentine football coach, and Sergio Busquets, the 35-year-old midfielder, allows him to dominate the field.

Tata Martino has worked with Lionel Messi before and knows the ins and outs of his performance patterns. He believes that Messi’s great comeback is due to the relief of the burden he had long held on his shoulders.

The 2022 World Cup belongs to Argentina, all thanks to the wild and tremendous performance shown by Messi on the field.


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After returning his country to its former glory of being WC champions, Messi set out to become a free player.

He is opening more doors for himself by being creative on the field. Undoubtedly, for a player possessing lightning-quick dribbling skills, it is just a matter of time before Messi crushes even more records there are to break.

Let’s see what the future holds for Inter Miami, with Messi leading the way.

Will the soccer star transform the team from a below-average standard to a recognizable name on the field?

Based on the plans the club has for him, we cannot help but keep our expectations high. More on upcoming sports events of MLS on Black Sports Digest.

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