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NBA Trade Rumors: Toronto Raptors Looking to Make a Deal

When the Toronto Raptors acquired Jakob Poeltl at the NBA trade deadline, it pretty much put NBA trade rumors to rest that they were planning an off-season rebuild.

Having yet to extend Gary Trent Jr.’s contract, trading Fred VanVleet to the Rockets, and seemingly open to trading stars OG Anunoby and Pascal Siakam, the Raptors seem to be rebuilding full-scale.

NBA news and rumors are buzzing, with major deals on the horizon. Let’s look at possible trades that could change the Raptor’s roster.

NBA Trade Rumors: Raptors Trade Pascal Siakam

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Trading Pascal Siakam is the most likely move for the Raptors. This is mainly thanks to his expiring contract and trade value. While the Raptors could keep him, it will be costly. Why? If he reaches the ALL-NBA next season, he qualifies for a max contract.

Instead of paying over $300 million, the Raptors apparently want to trade him over to finance their rebuild. It’s hard to say just yet where exactly Siakam will go, but what the NBA trade rumors predict.

Trade with Atlanta Hawks

  • Raptors get De’Andre Hunter, Javale Mcgee, Patty Mills, Kobe Bufkin, AJ Griffin, 2024 First Round Pick (Atlanta), and 2027 Top-10 First (Dallas)
  • Hawks get Pascal Siakam and Richaun Holmes
  • Mavericks get Clint Capela

For weeks now, the Atlanta Hawks keep coming up even though the Raptors just rejected a trade deal from them. For Siakam, that deal would have sent De’Andre Hunter, AJ Griffin, Patty Mills, Kobe Bufkin (2023 first-round selection) and a first to the Raptors.

Despite the trade deal not working out then, things could change. The Hawks now have Clint Capela and can bring in another team, i.e., Dallas Mavericks.

The new proposal means the Hawks trade with the Mavericks (Capela for Richaun Holmes), while the Mavs trade JaVale McGee and a 2027 first pick to the Raptors. That would give the Raptors not one but two recent first-round picks (Bufkin and Griffin). They also get a starting wing (Hunter) and two future firsts – a serious haul for Siakam.

Trade with LA Clippers

  • Raptors get Marcus Morris, Nic Batum, Robert Covington, 2028 Top-8 Protected First and 2030 Top-10 Protected First
  • Clippers get Pascal Siakam

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Even though the LA Clippers have one of the largest NBA payrolls, they have plenty of expiring contracts. By trading Marcus Morris, Nic Batum and Robert Covington, LA can match salaries. This clears a major obstacle to getting the deal done. As for draft assets, yes, LA is short, but they could trade their 2028 Top-8 Protected First and 2030 Top-10 Protected First. This makes for a seriously competitive proposal.

On paper, this is one of the NBA trade rumors that could become a reality. Toronto won’t have to take back any long-term salaries and may even get two lottery picks out of it.

For the Clippers, Siakam could pull them up. A starting lineup of Siakam, Russell Westbrook, Kawhi Leonard, Ivica Zubac, and Paul George could get them back on top in the West. However, signing Siakam to a max contract would skyrocket LA’s already massive luxury tax payment. That could be enough to force LA to back out.

Trade with the Golden State Warriors

  • Raptors get Jonathan Kuminga, Chris Paul, Moses Moody, and a 2028 Top-5 Protected First Pick
  • Warriors get Pascal Siakam

Instagram image: Jonathan Kuminga

Some NBA trade rumors are true wildcards, and a Siakam deal with the Warriors is no exception. Sure, Golden State has the largest payroll in the NBA, but it also has a major expendable contract with Chris Paul and plenty of promising young players and draft picks.

Along with Paul, the Raptors could also get Jonathan Kuminga, Moses Moody and 2028 Top-5 Protected First Pick, which is quite the package. Let’s not forget that Moody and Kuminga were both recent lottery picks.

For the Clippers, adding Siakam to the starting lineup of Steph Curry, Draymond Green, Klay Thompson, and Kevon Looney would make it arguably one of the best in the NBA. Not to mention they would still have a good bench with Gary Payton II and Andrew Wiggins.

For the Raptors, Golden State’s 2028 pick is far enough that stars like Thompson and Curry will likely retire, meaning Toronto gets a high lottery pick in exchange for their best player. We think this deal makes sense for both Toronto and the Warriors.

Trade with Philadelphia 76ers

  • Raptors get Tobias Harris, 2028 First-Round Pick Swap and 2029 Unprotected First-Round Pick
  • 76ers get Pascal Siakam

It seems James Harden is staying with Philadelphia 76ers despite his very vocal wishes to be traded. In a recent press event in China, a disgruntled Harden didn’t hold back, calling Sixers GM Daryl Morey a “liar” and stating he “will never be a part of an organization that he’s a part of.”

Now, Harden’s sentiments may be enough to squash NBA trade rumors that Philadelphia wants Siakam to create a big three, but you never know.

Looking at the trade deal itself, there are pros and cons. On the plus side, the Sixers have Tobias Harris’s expiring contract, so they can easily match salaries. However, the Sixers don’t have enough young prospects or picks to offer. Their best tradeable asset is an unprotected 2029 first-round pick, which would most likely be a lottery pick for their best player –  not a bad deal for the Raptors. Then add a 2028 pick swap, and the Sixers could pull off a competitive offer.


NBA Trade Rumors: Raptors Trade OG Anunoby to LA Lakers

  • Raptors get Rui Hachimura, Jarred Vanderbilt, and 2029 First-Round Pick
  • Lakers get OG Anunoby

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Even though trading OG Anunoby is not Toronto’s top priority, they may consider a deal with the LA Lakers, especially if it means gaining two young forwards along with a future draft pick.

For the Lakers, it is also a good deal. They get one of the best players out of it, who is known to fit alongside anyone. Anunoby can boost any starting lineup. With LeBron James and Anthony Davis already on the LA roster, these three could be one of the best front courts in the NBA.


The Final Verdict

Time will tell what the Raptors decide to do with Siakam as the NBA regular season looms around the corner. For the latest NBA news and rumors, stay updated by following Blacksports Digest.

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