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WNBA Breaking Records: Diana Taurasi Makes History as First Player to Reach 10,000 Points

Although several WNBA players come to our minds when discussing the pioneer WNBA stars, few names shine as bright as Diana Taurasi. Taurasi possesses a remarkable skill set and dedication toward that game, allowing her to achieve something other WNBA players dream of achieving one day. On Thursday, Taurasi made history by becoming the first WNBA player to achieve 10,000 points. This remarkable achievement engraved Taurasi’s name in the books of history forever.

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Diana Taurasi’s Journey toward Making History

Diana Taurasi, also known as Diana Lorena Taurasi, was born on June 11, 1982, in Glendale, California. Her father was a former football player, and her mother was an Argentinian native. Thanks to Taurasi’s father’s love for football and basketball, she also grew a liking for the game.

After starting high school, Taurasi focused on improving her basketball skills. She was the best scorer in California high school history four years later. Taurasi played for UConn (University of Connecticut) under coach Auriemma in college. While playing for UConn, Taurasi won the NCAA women’s basketball championship. Later, she also participated in the 2002 and 2003 UConn championships and won the prestigious Naismith award.

In 2004, Diana Taurasi entered the WNBA draft and was chosen by Phoenix as their first overall pick. Selecting Taurasi proved to be a great decision for the team. It helped Mercury take their scores from 8-26 to 17-7. These achievements won Taurasi the first of ten first-team All-WNBA Honors and the ROY (2004) awards.

Furthermore, in 2006 the WNBA star bagged the league’s scoring position by averaging 25.3 points in every game. After a few years of several other remarkable achievements, Diana Taurasi made history, winning the finals MVP and season MVP awards.

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The Achievement

On Thursday, Diana Taurasi made history in the second half of a game against the Atlanta Dream. The WNBA player engraved her name among the list of elite athletes after reaching 10,000 points. This event occurred at 8:23, leaving the entire crowd in cheers. Teammates surrounded Taurasi in a circle, celebrating her success.

The 41-year-old basketball player began her night aiming to achieve 18 points to reach 10,000. She was able to achieve her milestone by finishing at 10,024 points. The WNBA commissioner congratulated Taurasi in a statement, “On behalf of the WNBA and basketball fans worldwide, I want to extend my heartfelt congratulations to Diana on reaching the incredible milestone of 10,000 points as she continues to author new chapters in an illustrious WNBA career.”

“Diana’s achievement stands as a testament to her skill, determination, and unwavering dedication to the game, which along with her competitive nature, has captivated fans with her incredible scoring ability, clutch performances, and unparalleled basketball IQ. We are honored to witness this milestone.”

Taurasi’s achievement did not come as a surprise to basketball fans and enthusiasts. Since joining the Phoenix franchise, she has reached spectacular milestones. She has become a regular season scoring leader, taking home the trophy for three WNBA championships.

Before Taurasi, Tina Thompson held the record of 7,488 points. By scoring 10,000 points, Taurasi surpassed Tina Thomspon by 2500 points, leaving her in second place. Following Thompson, DeWanna Bonner is third among the players with the most points, trailing Taurasi by almost 3,300 points.

What’s next for Diana Taurasi?

As the entire world celebrates this remarkable achievement by Diana Taurasi, her fans may question what lies ahead for the WNBA star. Although Diana Taurasi’s career has been nothing short of exceptional achievements, scoring 10,000 points will open up many new opportunities for the basketball player. In the future, fans can expect Taurasi to continue playing basketball and scoring winning goals. Furthermore, even after her playing days end, Taurasi will likely continue contributing to the WNBA world by filling the shoes of an advocate, ambassador, mentor, or coach.

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Other WNBA Stars and Their Achievements

Below is a list of some other WNBA stars apart from Diana Taurasi who are known for their achievements:

  • Tamika Catchingsis a 4-time Olympic gold medalist and ten-time WNBA star. During her professional career, she was known to possess remarkable defensive skills. She also won the annual Defensive player award five times.
  • Maya Moore’sachievements are worth remembering when discussing WNBA success stories. Moore won a league of four WNBA championships and an MVP title (2014).
  • Lisa Leslieis a three-time MVP title holder and the first-ever player to dunk in a game. She is also known for being a two-time world champion and an eight-time All-Star.
  • Elena Delle Donnehas a league MVP award and a championship title attached to her name. Her scoring ability, versatility, and impact on both ends of the floor have made her a renowned basketball player.
  • Sue Birdis a four-time WNBA championships holder. She is known for her strong leadership, sharp shooting abilities, and court vision.
  • Cynthia Cooperis known as among the greatest scorers in WNBA history. She is a four-time WNBA championship, four-time finals MVP, two-time MVP, and four-time All-WNBA First Team winner.
  • Breana Stewartis known for her remarkable 7-foot-1 stature and the ability to portray exceptional performance both offensively and defensively. Her major achievements include two championships, one ROY, a two-time defensive team, Commissioners Cup MVP, etc.

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Diana Taurasi’s Inspirational Journey

Diana Turasi’s journey from being a young girl who enjoyed playing basketball with her father to a WNBA superstar scoring 10,000 points is a source of inspiration for people worldwide. Taurasi’s journey shows aspiring athletes how dedication and hard work is the secret to achieving all milestones. As the WNBA star continues to achieve great things and reshape the landscape of women’s basketball, her achievements serve as a beacon of hope for aspiring women athletes worldwide.

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