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Brown’s Touchdown Was One of the All-Time Greats

If you sign skill position players to $100 million contracts in the NFL, you better ensure you get the right guy. The Philadelphia Eagles believed in wide receiver A.J. Brown so much that they signed him to a four-year, $100 million deal after acquiring him in a trade from the Tennessee Titans in 2022. 

That’s why when Brown makes spectacular one-handed touchdown grabs, like the one that he pulled in against the Washington Commanders last Sunday, few people are surprised. Brown has become a top target for quarterback Jalen Hurts since he landed in Philadelphia. Black sports news shows that this season, Brown has successfully piled up 939 yards with five touchdowns on 60 catches.

Brown’s touchdown catch against the Commanders was one of his greatest moments. With a Washington cornerback hanging on one arm, Brown could stick his other arm out and pull the ball toward his body. As Brown descended to the ground, the Commanders’ defensive back tugged on his facemask.

The NFL is full of great individual efforts on scoring players. Here are a few memorable touchdowns in the league’s history.


You Try Doing that Hungover



Veteran Green Bay Packers wide receiver Max McGee was never one to obey a curfew. Not even before the Packers were set to take on the Kansas City Chiefs in the first AFL-NFL World Championship game, now known as the Super Bowl, did McGee take Packers’ coach Vince Lombardi’s rules seriously.

McGee’s worst nightmare happened the next day. After a night of drinking and womanizing, McGee was called into the game when Boyd Dowler was knocked out with an injury. McGee, nursing a hangover, would end up scoring the first touchdown in Super Bowl history.

Green Bay quarterback Bart Starr got hit hard on the play, as the Packers quarterback was able to get the ball off narrowly. McGee, who was streaking down the middle of the field, was able to twist his body, haul in the ball that was behind him, and race for a 37-yard touchdown. Green Bay would go on to win the game 35-10.


Harrison Turns the Entire Super Bowl on Its Ear



Steelers linebacker James Harrison will never be confused with Usain Bolt. But right before halftime at Super Bowl XLIII, Pittsburgh’s All-Pro linebacker found enough gas to turn around the game’s tenor. Harrison faked like he was blitzing and dropped back into Arizona Cardinals quarterback Kurt Warner’s passing game.

Warner didn’t see Harrison and intercepted the pass on the goal line. Harrison then had a convoy of blockers and could weave his way down the field. But things weren’t easy for Harrison at any point. As he got to the 10-yard line, several Arizona players tried to haul him down, and Larry Fitzgerald even grabbed him at the 1-yard line, but Harrison was able to get the ball into the endzone. 

The touchdown put the Steelers ahead 17-7, and Pittsburgh won the game 27-23. Harrison’s touchdown would later be parodied on “Saturday Night Live,” where the actors poked fun at how tired Harrison appeared after finally finding his way into the endzone.


Hall Was Impossible to Tackle


It’s hard to make your name in the NFL as a punt returner, but the greats can turn it into an art form. Kansas City Chiefs great Dante Hall earned his nickname of the “Human joystick.” During the 2002 and 2023 seasons, Hall led the NFL by returning two punts for touchdowns in each season. 

Hall finished his career with six punt returns for scores. He also returned six kicks for scores as well. Hall’s masterpiece came during a 2003 game with the Denver Broncos. Hall caught the ball at the Chiefs 7-yard line. He ran backward to the 6 before being surrounded by a wave of Broncos’ defenders. 

Hall was able to pick up some blockers to help his advance. But Hall also used a juke move that left two defenders frozen. Hall would race around them and finally find some free space on the edge of the field. He went 93 yards for a touchdown and left everyone wondering how he could do it.


Minnesota Miracle Boosts Curse Franchise


The Minnesota Vikings have a history of playoff disappointment. But during the 2018 NFC Divisional playoffs in Minneapolis, the Vikings finally had one go their way. Trailing New Orleans 24-23 with 10 seconds left, Minnesota had the ball at its 39-yard line. 

Case Keenum winged a pass down the sideline that was caught by a leaping Vikings wide receiver Stefon Diggs. Diggs was fortunate that a defender had lunged at the wrong angle, leaving him with a clear path to the endzone. However, when Diggs landed, he lost his balance and nearly fell out of bounds. Diggs was able to keep his composure and find his way to the endzone for the game-winning touchdown.


Freeman Surprises Everyone With Game-Winner


Green Bay Packers wide receiver Antonio Freeman was grateful the officials were still paying attention. The Vikings and Packers were tied at 20 in overtime during a Monday Night Football game in 2000. Brett Favre was attempting to get the ball to Freeman down the field, but had his pass batted by a Vikings’ defensive back.

When the ball slid from the defensive back’s hands, Freeman was on the ground, having dived to try and snare the ball. However, the ball would deflect from the defender and off Freeman’s shoulder. That caused the ball to float up in the air and allowed Freeman to grab the ball.

Minnesota’s defenders had relaxed, assuming the pass had fallen incomplete. Freeman was able to take advantage of the Vikings’ temporary confusion and get up and run the final 16 yards into the endzone to give Green Bay a six-point victory.

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