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Dolphins’ Offense Steamrolls Broncos in Miami Massacre

If the Miami Dolphins can keep quarterback Tua Tagovailoa healthy for the entire season, it could be scary for everyone in the NFL. But the Dolphins’ offensive wizardry showed up again as Miami beatdown Denver at home Sunday. The Dolphins put up 726 yards of offense during their home opener.

The Dolphins scored 70 points, which was the most in franchise history. Miami’s point total also represented the most since Washington scored 72 points against the New York Giants in 1966. Trying to solve the Dolphins’ offense isn’t going to be something easily done by anyone, even New England coach Bill Belichick. Miami has scored 130 points through its first three games, which is the most of any in league history save for the 1968 Cowboys.

While Miami’s performance deservedly stole the show, there was a lot to be excited about in the AFC East Division this weekend. Buffalo was able to cruise by the Washington Commanders, overwhelming them in a 34-point victory. Things weren’t pretty between the New England Patriots and New York Jets, but the Patriots were able to grab a win for the first time this season.


Place Team W L T Week 2 Result
1. Miami Dolphins 3 0 0 W, 70-20 vs. Denver Broncos
2. Buffalo Bills 2 1 0 W, 37-3 at Washington Commanders
3. New England Patriots 1 2 0 W, 15-10 at New York Jets
4. New York Jets 0 2 0 L, 15-10 vs. New England Patriots

Missing Piece Becomes Available for Miami

The Dolphins’ offense lacked a consistent running game last season. When the draft came around, Miami decided to take a flier on De’Von Achane, who played his college ball at Texas A&M last season. Achane showed why black sports news in the offseason was so focused on the plight of the running back position.

It is easy for 21-year-olds like Achane to flourish in the NFL if they land in the right spots. Against the Broncos, Achane averaged 11.3 yards per carry, finishing with 203 rushing yards and two touchdowns. Achane also caught four passes for 30 yards and two scores. 

Entering the game, Achane had only carried the ball once for five yards in the Dolphins win over New England in Week 2. Achane did have a shoulder injury in the preseason that slowed down his development.


Bills Quiet Some of the Panic

Losing to the New York Jets, who didn’t have Aaron Rodgers for most of the season opener, ended up with anyone interested in up-to-date sports news seeing a lot of people start to question how good Buffalo was. In the two weeks since, the Bills have put the hammer down thanks to their strong defense.

There was some concern in the offseason about how Buffalo would replace Tremaine Edmunds, who left last offseason as a free agent. Terrel Bernard, a 24-year-old linebacker, showed Sunday against Washington that he was capable of stepping in. Bernard led Buffalo with two sacks, recovered a fumble, and intercepted a pass for the Bills.

The Bills overwhelmed second-year Washington quarterback Sam Howell by sacking him nine times and forcing five turnovers. Buffalo was hoping for a strong performance before it welcomes Miami to Western New York this Sunday.


Patriots Extend Streak vs. Jets


New England has now won 15 straight against the Jets. The Patriots, appropriately, only produced 15 points against New York in the win. New England had opened the season with two one-score losses at home, so grabbing a victory on the road felt good.

After grabbing a victory, the Patriots now must figure out how to turn around a vanilla offense. New England succeeded in one aspect by not turning the ball over against the Jets. However, New England wasn’t able to put many points on the board either.

Mac Jones passed for 201 yards and a touchdown. The Patriots’ running game was balanced, with Ezekiel Elliott carrying the ball 16 times for 80 yards, while Rhamondre Stevenson had 59 yards on 19 attempts. 


Jets Have a Zach Wilson Problem


There haven’t been many current sports news updates that have been as devastating for a franchise’s general mental state as Aaron Rodgers’ injury. Over the past two weeks, Jets former first-round pick Zach Wilson has proven this likely won’t be a long-term fix for New York.

Wilson struggled in particular on third downs over the past two weeks. He was 1-of-10 against Dallas and followed that up by going 2-of-14 against New England. There is plenty of angst growing in the stands and locker room.

Star wide receiver Garrett Wilson is complaining he doesn’t get the ball enough, while the fans are booing incompletions. Zach Wilson finished with 157 yards passing and was sacked three times in the loss. New York’s offense suffered through seven three-and-outs. 

The Jets’ problem is they don’t have any other options on the roster. New York signed Tim Boyle, who has made three career starts but doesn’t have any veteran with long-term experience at the position.


Dolphins Coach Mike McDaniel Declined to Go for Record


Miami’s win over Denver presented the Dolphins with an opportunity to set a number of team records. When it came to NFL history, McDaniel decided not to try and break the record for points in a regular season game. Miami had the ball on the Denver 27 in the final minute but opted to take a knee rather than kick a field goal.

While a field goal would have broken the regular-season record, it wouldn’t have been a league record for most points in the game. George Halas and the Chicago Bears took no mercy on Washington in the 1940 NFL Champion game.

Annoyed by comments made by Washington’s owner, Halas and the Bears romped to a 73-0 win. Chicago scored 45 of those points after halftime, including 19 in the fourth quarter.

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