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NFL Week 7 Review: Primetime Kirk Makes First Successful Appearance

Looking at Kirk Cousins’ raw numbers will show he is a well-above-average starting quarterback. What Cousins doesn’t have on his resume is a lot of success in big-time spots. The Vikings got upset in the first round of the playoffs at home last season, and he hasn’t played well in primetime games throughout his career.

But people looking at recent sports updates show that past trends aren’t always a good indicator of future performance. Playing at home in front of a primetime audience, Cousins was able to buck old trends and help Minnesota earn a badly needed win over San Francisco. The Vikings pulled within one game of .500.

But for Cousins, it was an essential win after he struggled with turnovers to start the season. Cousins also improved his record to 12-20 in night games. While Minnesota will have plenty of tests before it cements its status as a playoff contender, this was an important start. Week 7 of the NFL season was a bad one for favorites, as many teams picked up statement wins.


No Watson, No Problem


With how good the Cleveland Browns defense is, the franchise seems like it would benefit from having a top starting quarterback to lead the offense. The Browns still haven’t seen much return on their heavy investment in superstar quarterback Deshaun Watson. Before leaving Cleveland’s 39-38 win over the Colts with a shoulder injury, Watson only completed 1-of-5 passing attempts and threw an interception.

Black sports news shows that former XFL standout Phillip Walker has been brought in as a game manager under center for Cleveland. The Browns’ rushing attack is led by Jerome Ford and Kareem Hunt, who have done an admirable job filling in for Nick Chubb. Hunt scored two rushing touchdowns, while Ford added another to help the Browns escape with a win and improve to 4-2.


Push Whoevers Tush You Want



The Philadelphia Eagles will have to spend all season defending their patented short-yardage rush play, known as the “tush push” or “brotherly shove.” But while the play is a helpful tool, that is not the only reason the Eagles improved to 6-1 with a 31-17 win over Miami. The Eagles’ defense was effective at slowing down the Dolphins’ offense, which had been averaging over 30 points per game.

The Eagles’ defense was especially compelling in stopping Miami’s ground game. The Dolphins only gained 45 yards rushing. Philadelphia was able to harass Dolphins’ quarterback Tua Tagovailoa as well. They sacked him four times and grabbed a key interception late in the game.


Steelers Offense Springs to Life in Fourth Quarter


The top sports news today will show that Steelers have continued to overcome their anemic offense to win football games. How long the 4-2 Steelers can keep up their winning formula is anyone’s guess. During Pittsburgh’s win over the Rams last Sunday, the offense looked horrific through three quarters.

The Steelers only had 108 yards of total offense entering the fourth quarter. Then Pittsburgh’s offense showed the glimpses of promise they did in the preseason. Quarterback Kenny Pickett helped lead two touchdown drives that ended with Najee Harris and Jaylen Warren scores.

As a team, the Steelers put up 190 yards of total offense. It was the first time Pittsburgh gained that many yards in a quarter since 2001. This strategy won’t be able to carry the Steelers all season. But they need to grab wins while they perfect their offense.


Belichick Refuses to Go Away



The Buffalo Bills are the three-time defending AFC East champions. But New England reminded the Bills last Sunday that the position atop the division is tenuous. While the Patriots are still 2-4 on the year, New England put together its best performance to earn a 29-25 win.

It was a milestone win for coach Bill Belichick, who became the third NFL coach after George Halas and Don Shula to win 300 games in his career. The Patriots were able to win because quarterback Mac Jones showed he could be consistent and not turn the ball over.

Jones completed 25 of his 30 pass attempts for 272 yards and two touchdowns. Buffalo had rallied to take the lead late, but Jones was able to cap a last-second touchdown drive with a touchdown pass to Mike Gesicki to win the game.


Falcons Climb Back into First Place


The Falcons have issues beyond being an inconsistent team. Atlanta reclaimed first place in the NFC South by beating Tampa Bay last Sunday on the road. However, the Falcons would find themselves embroiled in a controversy. Star running back and first-round pick Bijan Robinson didn’t play at all in the first half.

Or even the third quarter. Robinson would only make one carry for three yards in the fourth quarter. Atlanta didn’t disclose that Robinson was hurt before the game. After the game, the team said Robinson felt ill and limited by that sickness. However, in a world where sports gambling is so prevalent, it left a lot of observers puzzled and some angry.


Welcome to the Show


Tyson Bagent became only the fifth quarterback in NFL history to make a start at quarterback after playing at a Division II College. Bagent, who played at Shepherd (W.Va.), left a lasting impression in the Windy City. He didn’t do too much and completed 21 of 29 passes for 162 yards and a touchdown.

The Bears improved to 2-5 on the season. But Chicago didn’t just count on Bagent to get the job done. The Bears leaned on D’Onta Foreman, who had a team-high 89 rushing yards and two touchdowns to help carry the offense. While regular starting quarterback Justin Fields will return when healthy, Bagent was able to show why he deserves a chance to stay in the NFL.

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